Santa Ysabel Asistencia

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By Crusader1307

Another Mission Way Station, Santa Ysabel Asistencia was founded in 1818 in The San Diego Mountains. It's primary goal was to supply Mission San Diego Alcala. Primarily a “rest point” between the Cities of San Diego and Sonora. The Adobe structure also consisted of Granaries, storehouses and a large Cemetery. A large Chapel was also constructed in 1821. Later in the early 1840s, Santa Ysabel served as part of the “Wagon Trail” which brought Settlers from The East. During The Mexican War, Gen. Stephen Kearny encamped his “Army of The West” at Santa Ysabel (enroute to The Battle of San Pasqual). In ruins by 1857, renovations began in 1898 (all that was left of The Chapel was 4 walls!). By 1903, The Chapel and surrounding grounds were restored. The Chapel also contains 2 of the oldest Mission Bells in California. Cast bronze, they date to 1723 and 1767. Santa Ysabel is still a function Chapel within The Roman Catholic Church today.