Santa Clara Mission

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By Crusader1307

The Mission of Santa Clara (named for St. Clare of Assisi), was founded in 1777. The Mission is the first (and only) California Mission named for a woman, and is the only one located in State College property. Originally a simple lean-to and wooden Cross, the actual Mission was constructed in 1784 and finished (in stone), by 1794. The Mission was also the first School constructed in California and would eventually evolve into a Theological Seminary. At one point, the prosperous Mission of St, Clare had over 10,000 head of cattle and was a major supplier of meat throughout the Region. By The Mexican Confiscation Era, the Mission was stripped of it's thriving Beef production and fell into disrepair. Renovated in the 1850s, the Mission has a tradition in place since 1777. The original Spanish cast Bells of the Mission have rung out every evening to this day in honor of King Charles III of Spain. Before his death, he was a Patron of The Poor Clare Order and they promised this honor to him. The California State University took over the surrounding lands and worked in tandem with the Order's Theological endeavors in the 1930s. Although no longer functioning in that capacity (the last Student was in the 1950s) – the Mission still functions as a Catholic Parish. It also has a small Museum.