San Francisco Solano Mission

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By Crusader1307

The last of the Mission Forts constructed (number 21), Mission Solano is located in the Northern most portion of California. Built in 1820, in addition to it's religious “duties”, The Mission also served as an “observation point” for Fort Ross (under Russian control). Spain (as did Mexico) worried about the incursion into Northern California by Imperial Russian “interests”. Many Military (non-confrontational) escorts began at the Mission. The Missions Native American polulace was never very large (and often ill). The Mission raised cattle for self use and sold off excess. In 1824, a faction of hostile Native Americans broke away from Mission life and attacked The Mission. Several of it's buildings were burned down. Mexican Military Forces quelled any further hostilities. Eventually rebuilding, the Mission sported a thriving “furniture building” business. Taken over by Mexican Authorities, the Mission became a Military Headquarters for Mexican Forces in the Region. Much damage (and theft) was done. Although returned to Catholic Church Authority (1863) by US President Lincoln, not much was left. In 1913, heavy renovations were begun on the surviving structures. Still part of The San Francisco Parrish Systems, the Mission continues to hold “memorials” every year for the 800 Native Americans who died of smallpox (while building the Mission).