Samuel Bellamy

  • Piracy
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

Born in Devon, England in 1680 – his “career” as a Pirate Captain was short lived (about 1 year). In that short time, “Black Sam” (as he was nicknamed for his long black hair) – took around 53 ships as capture and cargo. His Pirate “Fleet” was considered the largest of such. He was also known as “The Prince of Pirates” due to his amassed great wealth. Serving in the Royal Navy in his teens (as was common for a poor boy in search of adventure), Bellamy fought in several engagements during Queen Anne's War. Married to a Connecticut Colony (US) purported to be a witch (but a beauty by all accounts), they had a child (who died in childbirth). Eventually meeting a young Edward Teach, the two would join Benjamin Hornigold's Pirate Fleet.


After Edward Teach (aka Blackbeard) broke off from Hornigold, Bellamy went with him and was given command of the Sloop “Sultana”. In 1717, Bellamy captured the massive 300-ton English Slave Ship, “Whydah Gally” (after a 3 day chase and heated battle). Bellamy transferred his command to the 18-gun vessel. He took the cargo (African Slaves) and sold them for a profit. Bellamy concentrated his Piracy along the US Coast from The Carolinas to New England. Bellamy was noted for his high grooming and fine clothes. He favored black colors. He was also noted for carrying 4 pistols in his sash (at all times). Bellamy was also noted for his “democratic” running of his ships (a rare thing for a Pirate). He treated his crews fairly (and it showed with his impressive tally of captured ships). When returning to Connecticut (it is unclear if Bellamy was going to see his wife or not), The “Whydah Gally” was caught in a severe storm off Cape Cod in 1717. The ship was driven into a series of sand bars. Crushed, she sank with Bellamy and 145 crew members. Only 2 survived. Bellamy was just 28 years old.