Sallet Helmet

  • Armor
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By Crusader1307

Popular in Medieval Italy (with some variations seen in Northern Europe), the Sallet developed during the 15th Century. This helmet was used exclusively for a period in Germany. A steel rounded helmet-hat, the Sallet completely covered the top of the head and most of the sides (ear). The entire face was covered. Mobility was not an issue either with the Sallet, as it would move with the wearers head. However chain mail or a Gorget was worn to protect the neck and portions of the face. A Belvor - a steel flanged extension was added later in the Sallet's development. A tapered steel "semi-cowl", the Belvor attachment extended rearwards over the Sallet's back and protected a portion of the neck. The basic design of the Sallet made it cheap to produce and was seen used among many different types of troops.