Russian Semyonovsky Guard

  • The Napoleonic War
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By Crusader1307

Formed under direction of Russian Tsar Peter I (aka ''The Great'') in 1683, it was one of the oldest of two Russian Guard Regiments. They were in existence until The October Revolution of 1917, when they were disbanded (as all former Imperial Russian Military Forces). They were reformed in 2013 by The Russian Military as an Independent Rifle Regiment in The Regular Russian Army.


Tasked with protection of The City St. Petersburg (then The Imperial Russian Seat of Monarchy), The Semtonovsky Guard were more ceremonial that combat troops. That would change with The Great Northern War of 1700. The Guards were part of a besieging Russian Force of The City of Narva. Pummeled by artillery for weeks and suffering high casualties, The Semyonovsky never retreated and held their positions.


By The Napoleonic Wars and Napoleon's Invasion of Russia (1812), The Semyonovsky fought at The Battle of Borodino. Their Forces number 2,200 Officers and Men. Capturing a French Artillery Battery, The Guard would be cut off support. They stood ''head to head'' against the vaunted French Heavy Cavalry. Suffering heavy casualties, The Guard would continue to pursue Napoleon's Forces.


They would fight on at several more Battles involving The 100 Days Campaign (1815) and marched into The City of Paris, France (with other Allied Regiments), to help re-establish The French Monarchy after the final Fall of Napoleon. The Regiment's battle Uniform during The Napoleonic Wars consisted of White Trousers and Vest with a Black Coatee. Their Shako Helmets were Black Leather.