Russian RT-2PM ''Topol'' ICBM

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By Crusader1307

A part of The Russian Federation's Strategic Missile Defense Forces, the land (mobile) luanched RT-2PM ''Topol'' is an intercontinental Missile capable of ranges to 7,800-miles. Originally part of Soviet Russia's Defense (1985), The ''Topol'' was intergrated into Russia's Defense System roughly (10) years later. Close to 2,000 of The RT-2PMs were produced by Russia. As with most of The ''Topol'' Class, these are ''Mobile Launched'' Systems, or specially designed vehicles which feature mobile launching tubes. This tactic is seen as an ideal method of moving ''batteries'' of  missiles from one location to another, causing great difficulty in Enemy targeting.


The ''Topel'' is a 3-staged, solid rocket fueled weapon, weighing over 110,000-lbs. The Missile itself is 80-feet in length with an 8-foot diameter. The ''Topol'' typically supports a single 4-MT warhead, seen by most as being a ''mid-sized'' ''City Killer''. As of 2017, it is believed by NATO that at least (100) such Systems are deployed throughout Russia.