Russian Life Guard Horse Regiment

  • The Napoleonic War
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By Crusader1307

Formed by Tsar Peter Axexeyevich (The Great) in 1721, they were part of his modernization of The Imperial Russian Army. They were modeled after similar Life Horse Guardsmen in service to European Kings and Queens, except that they were exclusively a Mounted Unit. The Regiment were uniformed in all White and wore no traditional armor Breastplate. In addition, only Noblemen and their Sons were allowed to join. They carried Carbine, Pistol and Sword (no Lancer Detachments were assigned).


The Regiment started out as Palace and Grounds Guards to The Tsar until the start of The Napoleonic Wars. The Horse Guards fought with distinction at Austerlitz and other battles. They were awards the coveted St. George Standard for their heroism. The Guard evolved with Military technology by the end of the 19th Century and early 20th. They were used as Regular Cavalry during World War I. However, during The Russian Civil War, they remained loyal to The Imperial cause and suffered huge losses in battles and skirmishes. By the time they were disbanded in the mid-1920s, fewer than several hundred existed.