Russian Component Plate Armor

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By Crusader1307

More expensive to make (and thus limiting their use to Royalty, Nobility or selected “Imperial” Troops), Component Plate Armor borrowed it's design from Byzantine sources. Seen from the 9th Century onward, it was constructed of hammered iron/steel composite materials. Made of 6 pieces, the Front Breastplate protected the Chest and Abdomen. Designed to pull around the sides of the Wearer, the Back piece was attached to the Front via leather straps. A small circular Front Plate was attached over the Abdomen (for protection from Lance thrusts). A form of shaped Spaulders were attached to both shoulders (attached to the Hanger straps). Finally, the upper and lower arms featured half-sleeves which extended to the wrist. It was typical to wear Mail underneath the suit to provide additional protection to exposed areas. Often, Mailed Gloves were also attached to the arm sleeves (via hooks). This type of Armor was also typically fitted.