Russian Chevalier Guard

  • The Napoleonic War
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By Crusader1307

The Imperial Russian Chevalier Guard Regiment was formed in 1764 by Catherine The Great of Russian, as a Heavy Cavalry Unit. They were originally assigned as Palace Ceremonial Guards, but by the start of The Napoleonic Wars, The Chevalier Guard were pressed into Imperial wartime Service. In 1805, The Chevalier Guard were first deployed as Rear Guard at The Battle of Austerlitz, in which they protected the retreat of several Russian Infantry Regiments from the advancing French. Their counter, The French Horse Grenadiers inflicted heavy casualties on them.


The Chevalier Guard fought through the remainder of The Napoleonic Wars with distinction. Later mechanized, The Guard also fought bravely through World War I. With The Russian Civil War and the victory of Communist Forces, all forms of Imperial Military were disbanded – including The Chevalier Guard.


The Uniform of The Guard was a White Tunic with Blue Trousers. As with all ''true'' Chevalier Units in Europe, they wore the Cuirassier Full Breastplate, with brass Helmet. Rather than tradition feathering, a full brass Russia Imperial Eagle was affixed to the top. The Guard (when in Garrison), wore a Blue Talberd Vest to which was affix The Order of Catherine The Great (their benefactress). Sabers were the official weapon of The Guard. They briefly experimented with a Lancer Detachment during The Napoleonic Wars, but quickly reverted back to their sabers. While in War, they carried traditional Carbines and Pistol, evolving to automatic weapons in the 20th Century. The Chevalier Guards Standard was a Black and Gold Saltier with a Golden representation of The Catherine Star superimposed over. No lettering or Unit identifiers were used.