• Medieval Era
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By Crusader1307

Although his date of birth is unknown, Rurik (a Viking Chieftain), is often credited with the “founding” of The Russian State. Born in Friesland (present day Holland), His father, a Viking Noble – raised Rurik in traditional Viking “ways” Growing up with his two brother, they spent much of their later young Adult years – leading and fighting in various raids against Germany and England. Rurik wished to settle in now conquered Jutland – but pressures from rival Clans stopped his quest. In the 850s A.D. - Rurik moved into what would become Northwest Russia. He established a Norse settlement near Lake Lagods. The “larger section” of the settlement was relocated to nearby Novgorod. Rurik incorporated local Slavs into his community. Setting up his Fortress (and his seat of power), it would be his Sons would would also found The Kievan State (in The South). These would endure until the 1200s. Leaving Russia in 873 A.D. - to oversee his inheritance from his now dead Father – Rurik left his relation Oleg in charge of his Russian Territories. From that point, all Russian Royalty (of Moscow and Kiev) claimed linage to Rurik (which would continue to be claimed up until 1598).