Roundlet Hat

  • Historical Clothing
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By Crusader1307

A popular Men's Headwear from the 14th to 16th Century, The Roundlet was popular in England, Germany and France. Made of two components, the material was soft cloth, made into an over-sized Crown. An attached large roll of additional material was sewn onto the Crown, with the excess rolled several times to make a pillow-like brim. This brim encompassed the entirety of the perimeter of the hat, so that very little of the Crown was seen. The brim was noted for being highly decorated with embroidery or precious stones. Often, feathers were attached (as a further form of decoration). Called a "Roundlet" for it's initial shape, it was also made of expensive silks and felt (depending on the expense paid by it's Owner). Not worn by the "Lower Classes", The Roundlet was geared more to the wealthy Merchant and Commerce "Middle Class" as well as Nobility and Royalty. Colors varied.