Rose (Arms)

  • Heraldry
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By Crusader1307

The use of “The Rose” (as a Arms symbol) – ceased with the English “War of The Roses”. Two divided Royal House's vied for control over the Throne of England (14th Century). Prior to the start of the Conflict, a “Golden Rose” was used (quite popularly) in The Middle Ages. With “The Hostilities”, The House of York chose a “White Rose” to symbolize his Family. The rival Lancasterian Family chose a “Red Rose”. Both colors were well reflected in MANY Coats of Arms from this Era. With the end of The War, Coats of Arms devised for identification of both “merged” Families was a “Pink Rose” (a blending of BOTH colors). Still, some “Die Hards” retained their previous symbols. When portrayed, it is seen with 5-petals radiating from a central point. Often it was adhered to a Wheel.