Roman Square

  • Ancient Rome
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By Crusader1307

As we have seen, The "Square" Formation is the most basic battlefield tactic used.It has been adapted and deployed many times throughout the Centuries. In it's humble beginnings, Rome's Military adapted it (possibly from contact with Gaul or Germania, as early as the 1st Century BC). Unlike a traditional, later Square Formation, The Roman version seldom moved. It wad formed to create a "Mobile Fort" of sorts. It allowed Roman Soldiers to retain "control" of a battlefield or position gained thru fighting. Mostly constructed of several hundred Legionaires, it was composed of Ranks of Soldiers in a series of contacted "lines", roughly Square shaped. This was supplemented by another series of interior lines used to reinforce the outer ones. The Square's Commander, Standard and Messengers, occupied the Center. Several Squares could be "connected" on the field, to provide a "fall back" position for any retreating or withdrawing Units.