Roll of Arms

  • Medieval Era
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

First “developed” around the 12th Century, The Roll of Arms was a printed “Directory” of all persons who were Knights or Nobles – together with their corresponding Heraldry (insignia). These books originally were hand drawn (and painted). They were complied by Scribes and Heraldry Historians for 2 purposes. The first, to give The King or Queen a listing of their Nobles – and 2nd, to keep track of the different “Arms” (insignia issued). Rolls of Arms were also called “Treatsies” (from the legal use). As technology in Printing progressed – it was easier to compile such works. Originally, it was take months and years to properly “create” an Arms Book (and only a few were made). Very few original Arms Books from the early Middle Ages have survived – and those remaining are mostly “reprints) from the 16th Century onward.