Rogatywka Hat

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By Crusader1307

Another “Peaked Hat” of Military origins, The Rogatywka are 4-pointed, crowned Hats, noted for long and narrow brims. Made of stiffened material, they were first devised around the 14th Century in Russia and later Poland. Made of softened and stiffened wool and linen, the leather brim/visor extends at a radial downward angle over the eyes. Used by both Infantry and Cavalry Forces, coloring was important as to what type of Unit was identified. As a smaller Hat, it had little weight and survived well during a fast gallop or charge. Gradually replacing The Czapka in some Armies, The Rogatywka would actually continental in a fashion well into the 20th Century in many Countries. It still is seen as part of the Full Dress Uniform of Police, Fire, and Military  (Ceremonial Dress). Comparatively, The Rogatywka would be the equivalent to The Service Dress Cap (in use) – by many National Armies.