Roche Braziliano

  • Piracy
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By Crusader1307

Born in The Dutch Netherlands in 1630, Roche was one of the cruelest of Pirates. His career began in 1654. He and his parents were Dutch Colonists to Brazil. He spent much of his time in and around the area Ports. His home Port was the infamous Port Royal, Jamaica. Initially serving as a Privateer for Brazil, he was another who refused to give up “the life”. Roche continued on with his pirate activities (now for personal gain). His initial haul was a heavy Spanish Treasure ship that made him millions (and a boost to his reputation). This haul began to garner many recruits to join him. Even Sir Henry Morgan “hunted” with him.


His bad temper also led to legends of him shooting anyone who would not drink with him, “roasting” Farmers on spits who did not surrender livestock and a particularly gruesome habit of cutting off the limbs of prisoners and cooking them before their eyes! Roche's legend goes still farther. In 1671, all trace of him and his crew disappear. He may have went down in a storm, captured or simply made enough to retire secretly – no one is sure.