ROC ''Kang-Ding'' Class Frigate

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By Crusader1307

Based in part on the French ''Lafayette''-Class of Warship (Frigate), The ''Kang-Ding'' is a component of The Taiwanese Navy (Republic of China). (6) such Frigates have been produced and deployed (currently). The Class, which is used primarily for anit-submarine warfare, have been in place since 1996. Roughly 3,800-Tons displaced, The ''Kang-Ding'' is 400-feet in length with a Beam of 50-feet. General propulsion is achieved by (4) diesel engines capable of 21,000-HP. Rated speed is to 30-mph. Crewed by 140 Officers and Men, The ''Kang-Ding'' is augmented by a weapons platform to include: (2) 40mm AA Guns, (1) Phalanx 20mm Gun System, (2) 13-inch Torpedoes, and (8) 400-lb. Anti-Ship Rockets. Other ''rotating'' or ''volley'' Guns Systems are known to be deployed with different Vessels of this class.