Richard II

  • Medieval Era
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By Crusader1307

Richard II (born 1367), became King of England at 10 years of age – after the death of his Father, Edward III. Richard's Father - “The Black Prince”, had died a year prior – and he was the only surviving Heir. Without Regency – England was ruled by a Baron Council. However, by the time Edward was a teenager, he was actively taking part in his Kingdom's administration. In 1381, (still a teenager), Richard personally led the Armies against The Peasant Revolt. He ruthlessly crushed them and denounced any concessions. Married to Anne of Bohemia, she would die within two years of their union. In a purely political move, France's King Charles VII gave him his 8-year old Daughter as his wife! (to strengthen the union between England and France). Historically, it is no secret that Richard II was a homosexual. His actions were open and he did NOT care. But his Nobility did. More than one Duke and Baron had plotted to either assassinate or depose him through most of his later reign. In 1399, Richard had failed in a military expedition against Ireland. His chief opponent (and Cousin), Henry Bolingbroke used his personal issues as well has his failings in Ireland to have him surrender his Crown. Henry would assume the throne as Henry IV that same year. Imprisoned in The Tower of London, Richard was murdered there.