Remington 10-Gauge Shot Pistol

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By Crusader1307

Nick Adams, American Actor who specialized in ''B''-Movie Action Films in the 1950s and 1960s – holds a special place in Western Film and Television History. He portrayed the iconic ''Johnny Yuma'' on American Television in the late 1950s and early 1960s. It was a time when The Western Genre was King. Adam's ''Yuma'' was a former Confederate Soldier who returned home – only to find His Law Enforcement Father murdered and ''lawlessness'' in Texas abound. Yuma (also known as ''The Rebel''), would seek justice for His dead Father (and those in need of His help), with the ''help'' of His Dad's sawed off, 10-Gauge Shotgun/Pistol. And while Yuma also carried a Bowie Knife and (often changing per episode) Revolver, His primary weapon was The ''Shot Pistol''. Unfortunately, while variations of ''Shotgun Pistols'' were known in the 1860s thru 1880s, these Blackpowder ''killers'' were NOT a popular choice for a Gunfighter (or related). Yuma's ''version'' was in reality a Hollywood Prop version, manufactured from ''the floor up'' using a Standard 1940s Remington Shotgun (as it were). Double barreled in the 10-Gauge range, the Barrels were cut down to almost the top of the Stock. The Rear Butt Stock likewise was cut down and rounded – creating the visual appearance of a ''Sawed Off Pistol''.  Naturally, plastic toys were marketed to young fans – who all grew up believing that such a weapon ACTUALLY existed. In truth, firing such a variation would be both difficult and dangerous. But in consequence (as it were), The ''Yuma Shot Pistol'' would serve as a ''Gunsmith Fantasy'' piece which would actually be manufactured and marketed. Also, it was ''Johnny Yuma's'' Gun that would spur the usage of such weapons in MANY future ''Cops and Robbers'' Movies in the future.