• Medieval Era
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By Crusader1307

A Title bestowed upon a Nobleman by a King or Queen, the position dates from the 9th Century in England. The Reeve was tasked to supervise the collective Shires of a Province or Region under control of Royalty. It was his responsibility to ensure that the proper amounts of food were produced and delivered to Royal Granaries or Warehouses. Proper adherence to The “King’s Laws” was also a facet of The Reeve’s responsibilities.

The Reeve could also assess taxes and collect same in the name of Royalty. They had broad powers and often had Soldiers at their disposal (if needed). Although The Reeve was not a Military position, in some Rare cases, they could serve in a role similar to a Company Commander (or Captain).

With The Norman Conquest of 1066 AD, The duties of Reeve were regulated to that of enforcing Laws as well. They served very much the same as a Baliff, when needed. They were even tasked with the apprehension of criminals. It was from this, that The Reeve evolved into that of “Shire Reeve” or “Sheriff”, the modern Law Enforcement equivalent used today.