Quassam Rocket

  • Modern Era
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

The simple yet effective ''Qassam'' Rocket is a steel fuselage, one stage Rocket – developed by The Sunni-Palestinian Radical Group Hamas. It was named for a Cleric Revolutionist revolting against British Occupation of the Palestinian Region in 1935. A ''homemade'' Ordnance Rocket, The Qassam is a solid fuel mixture of sugar and potassium Nitrate. Typically, The Rocket is roughly 4-feet long and mounted on a Rail Launcher (also of homemade origins). The Warhead for The Qassam is roughly composed of a Nitrate mixture of around 5-pounds and is designed to hold small, pellet sized metal bearing. In essence, The Qassam is a form of ''Canister Shot''.

The Rocket has no guidance system and is designed to ''target'' indiscriminately. This also increases it's effective as a true ''terror weapon''. The maximum effective range of The Qassam is 1.9-miles. Truly innovative in terms of construction, a simple nail and firearms cartridge ''firing mechanism'' is used to launch the Qassam. The weapon is still a major threat for UN Forces in The Region.