''Quarter'' Flags

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By Crusader1307

The term ''Quarter Flags'' were applied to both Land (Military Units) and more appropriately – Sea Vessels. But in most instances, Quarter Flags were found in use by Pirates. Flown without a ''Captain's Brand'' (Flag) or with – such Banners were visual messages to ''potential victims'' of Pirate activities. First record as early as the 17th Century (European Seas), two types were flown. A plain Black Flag (without images), was meant to imply that ''Quarter would be given''. In short, a Pirate Ship did not wish to kill or capture a Victim Ship Crew, they simply wanted whatever ''treasure'' was aboard. Another type, a ''Red Banner'' meant the opposite – that ''No Quarter'' would be given or a hapless Ship's Crew would be killed or enslaved (sold) or even forced to serve aboard.