Propaganda Art

  • World War I
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

While the theory of propaganda is much older than World War I, The War created a new vein with regards to motivating large segments of it's participants Countries to do one specific thing – enlist! Never before in warfare had a campaign of mass marketing “patriotism” been made so available to the “Common Man”. This was achieved by the use of Poster Art. Although Poster Art had been used by just about all Countries to “stir” National Pride and service (for example, the Pre-American Civil War was bombarded with what was known as “The Broadside” advertisement “gimmick”). Bright colors, catchy phrases and often “hard hitting” or “sentimental art” was distributed. Everything from enlistment to food rationing to blood donations and other “sacrifices” were “sold”. Germany, England The US and France (even Russia) – all had vast Propaganda Systems in place. In America, the now iconic image of “Uncle Sam” was first put forth (although he appeared in The Spanish-American War) – the immortal phrase “I Want You”. This would be the rallying call (even to today) for Armed Forces recruitment. In Great Britain, King George peered out at all Englishmen demanding that he “Needed Them”. These and many others invoked one's sense of patriotism to serve (and sadly die), in defense of each others Countries agenda.