Project 112

  • Cold War
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By Crusader1307

Project 112 was the ''parent'' Program of the previously discussed ''Project SHAD'', which was intiated by The US Government Department of Defense from 1962 to 1973. Begun with The Kennedy Administration, it's name ''112'' was derived from the 150 other Projects developed. In brief, 112 was a series of 18-test which involved the monitored release of various chemical agents in supposed ''controlled'' locations.


While the chemicals used were not purported to be ''deadly'' in composition, recent Public Information Record release show that Sarin and other Nerve Agents were used. Countries that participated in Project 112 with The US were Britain and France. The idea was to maintain records of such releases on Enemy Forces (Communist Russia) – should they invade The Continental US or Europe (and the resulting effect on population).


Although derelict and decommissioned US Naval ships were used (albeit with test animals) – some human trials may have been attempted. Rosters of Serving Sailors assigned to Project 112, show a marked rise in health related issues (such as lung issues and cancer). Many of these Servicemen were denied claims. The full measure of 112 and other Chemical Warfare Tests performed during the height of The Cold War, may never truly be known.