Prize Playing

  • Medieval Era
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

The practice of Prize Playing developed during the late Middle Ages and became a major ''sport'' in The Renaissance Era. Originating in England, The Art derived from Medieval Hand to Hand Combat. Many such Schools of Martial Arts concerned themselves with Weaponry training. The usage of grappling and control holds naturally came from various fighting stances. It was popular during training ''bouts' (often held outside in adjoining fields or backstreets) to watch various ''fighters''. While Noblemen were becoming less inclined to learn ''physical combat'' tactics, many Commoners were being allowed to train in such forms (as well as Swordsmanship). Hence, many spectators would come to watch and ''bet'' monies on their picked ''champions''. The term ''Playing'' derived from Contestants seen by spectators as ''playing War''.


Eventually, many Schools began to sponsor such bouts, often charging an admission fee for all interested – to view such training matches. Later, these ''champions'' were recruited by Benefactors and Representatives, to ''fight'' for monies in Matches. In some Cities, bouts took on the style of The Tournaments, only featuring Commoners – to fight not only physically, but with wooden weapons known as Bunts (training types).


Huge amounts of monies could be made (and lost) on The Matches. People bet on the skills of weapons usage by their Champions. By the 17th Century AD, weapons had been barred from usage, concentrating more on physical abilities in wrestling and grappling. Now known as Prizefighters (for the amount of monies earned in a fight or ''prize''), soon various fighting forms developed involving using bare hands to punch and strike an Opponent. This style, which would be called ''Bare Knuckle Fighting'' would become extremely popular and quite bloody, with death often ending a Match.


Rules and Regulations would develop, as well as safety equipment to stem some of the damage inflicted to each Fighter. The one time required military hand to hand combat training of The Middle Ages would become The ''Sweet Science'' known throughout The World as – Boxing.