''Princess Amelia''

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By Crusader1307

The Dutch Merchant Ship ''Princess Amelia'' conveyed Cargo and Passengers from Amsterdam (Holland) to The New World. Launched in 1634, She was part of The Ditch West Indies Company. “Amelia'' also briefly worked The Caribbean Trade. Her size and armament made Her the ''envy'' of many a Pirate and Privateer (She never fell prey to either).


Displacing 600-tons, ''Amelia'' was 175-feet in length with a Beam of 20-feet. A Two-Master, She employed a Full Rigged Sail Pattern. She could support 150-passengers and Crew as well as over 200,000-pounds of cargo. She carried (12) Cannon of 18-poundage and a ''Company of Riflemen''.


''Princess Amelia'' met her fate in 1647, when She was traversing The English Channel. A storm swamped Her, causing 60 of Her (then) 107 passengers and Crew to be lost. Her cargo of 100,000-pounds of goods were likewise lost. Many of Her insurance claims would be heard in Court until 1670 (one of the longest running of such in The Era).