Pot Helm

  • Medieval Era
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

A popular form of Head protection starting with The 1st and 2nd Crusades – The Pot Helm was a variation of The Cereveillere. Like that armor component, The Pot Helm was designed to only protect the top and sides of the Head (to the Ears of The Wearer). Much like other versions, a layer of Mail was attached starting at the Ears and extending completely around. The Mail went down roughly 6-inches. Some Mail skirting also was designed to extend as far as the Lower Neck. Still others used a simple cloth undercap tied on.


The Pot Helm was a standard issue item in England for Knights and Archers. Both Military Units found that the ease of mobility while wearing The Pot. This was especially true with Mounted Troops. Another benefit of The Pot Helm was that although Metal, it was much cooler for wear in The Desert that a Full or Enclosed Helmet.