Portuguese Legion

  • The Napoleonic War
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By Crusader1307

The Portuguese Legion was a Military Formation of Portugal, which was under French control (1807-1808) during The Napoleonic Wars. As with most so Nations and Kingdoms that fell under French occupation, they were required to supply The Emperor (Napoleon) with active duty Military Forces. The Portuguese Legion was one such Formation. Consisting of 50,000 effectives of all Ranks (Infantry, Artillery and Cavalry components). They were commanded by French General Jean Junot and were supported by Spain (then an Allied Nation with France).


The Legion would be used as an occupying Force against Portugal (most of the populace were not supporters of Napoleon). This created much tension between Legion Garrisons and local Residents. Eventually withdrawn to assist in The Peninsular War, The Legion would suffer greatly at The Battle of Evora (Portugal) – despite it being a resounding French victory. Over 8,000 casualties were numbered by The Legion. Never reformed, The Legion would cease to exist after 1808.