Poop Deck

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By Crusader1307

The Nautical Term “Poop Deck” is in reference to The Decking or Roof Top of The Stern Structure that developed from large Fantail designs. Often 2 to 3 such small Decks were created as a result of The Stern construction. Although also known as The Stern Deck, The French “Puppis” also translates to “Stern” (hence it’s application). The “Poop Cabin” which was created from this construction pattern, would eventually become the primary Navigators Cabin or position. Helmsmen also operated from these Quarters. These were not intended to be lived in. With the advent of a Ship’s Bridge used for all forms of Command and Navigation, the need for a Poop Deck or Cabin ceased. The term is used mostly to now describe the upper most rear portion of a Ship (regardless of existing structuring or not).