Polish Towarzysz

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By Crusader1307

In addition to the famed Polish Winged Hussars, another Arm of Medieval Cavalry from that Region - were The Towarzysz Pancerny. These were Light Cavalry Troops who occupied the "Second Rank" in a Mounted assault. It was their position to further exploit the initial "gap" made by The Hussars. Unlike The Hussars (who were recruited from Higher Polish Nobility), The Towarzysz were from the "Lesser" Ranks of Nobility. They initially wore only Chain Mailed Suits with Helmet.  They also carried a form of Rondache Shield and a Lance similar to The Hussars (only smaller and "Bannerless"). The Towarzysz were seen from the 16th to 18th Centuries in Poland. As time progressed, light Armor Cuirass Plates became their fashion, as were the later primitive Firearms. Eventually, The "Armored Companions" (as they were nicknamed), would be absorbed into the larger Force of Hussars (and were renamed as such).