Polish ''Orzel''-Class Submarine

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By Crusader1307

The ''Orzel''-Class of Submarine was used by The Polish Navy in World War II. While (4) were planed for construction (1930), only (2) were ever completed for deployment. These were considered ''modern'' upgrades to The Polish Navy at the time. With World War II beginning in 1939 with The Invasion of Poland by Germany – both Boats were sent to Great Britain for safekeeping. The lead Ship of The Class, ''Orzel'' was lost enroute (with all hands). It is still unclear to this day of what happened tp Her (she has never been discovered). The second Boat would see service in The War as part of The Polish Navy operating in exile. The Class was 1,100-tins displaced. They were 275-feet long with a Beam (height) of 25-feet. Power was provided by Twin Diesel Engines ((2 Screw), and could achieve a surface speed of 12-mph. They were rated to 150-feet (pressure). Armament for The ''Orzel''-Class was a single 5-inch (105mm) Deck Gun and the ability to deploy (12) 21-inch Torpedoes.