Polish ''Cursed'' Soldiers

  • World War II
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By Crusader1307

The term ''Cursed Soldiers'' was applied to various Free Polish Fighters who resisted Soviet Occupation of their Country as a result of Russian advances against Nazi Germany, in late 1944. With Poland under Soviet Control (as a base of operations against Germany), The Soviet's – rather than re-establishing the former Government – set up a Communist Regime under their control. Many former Polish Soldiers, who had fought against The Germans (with Foreign allied Armies), formed into Militias and fought against their ''new'' Enemy. As a result of their lack of support from The Polish ''puppet'' Government, and great disdain from Soviet Forces – they became known as ''Cursed'' by both.


The Militias were very effective in disrupting Soviet (as well as German) Military supply, inflicting many casualties, despite their lack of overall local support. Some was provided (tacitly by both The United states and Great Britain) – by much of this dwindled with the closing of The War. The ''Cursed'' Soldiers were well organized and with the conclusion of The War with Germany, they continued their resistance against Communist control. By 1947, many such Units were offered amnesty in exchange for their surrender. With many doing so after many years of fighting, this would be proven a Soviet ruse. Most were (when identified), arrested and executed. Officially, The ''Cursed'' Soldiers disbanded their organization in 1952. They are seen as Heroes by The People of Poland – today.