Plumhart von Steyr Bombard

  • Artillery Thru The Age
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By Crusader1307

This weapon is considered by some to be a Medieval "Supergun". It is purported to be the largest solid-wrought iron gun of it's type (caliber) in the World. Designed in Austria (Styria, Holy Roman Empire at the time) - she is over 9 feet long and weighs 8 tons. The Steyr could fire a 33-pound rounded stone "shell" some 600 meters (effectively), at a 10-degree maximum elevation. Any documentation of the carriage design of this "Supergun" had been lost. It can be assumed that (like most of her type), she was mounted on a heavy wooden "sled type" an was staked to the ground. The only surviving example of her classification is currently on (seasonal) display at The Museum of Military History Vienna, Austria.