• Ancient Rome
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By Crusader1307

This unusual Roman weapon was taken from a much older Greek design (possibly from 500 B.C.) The Plumbata was in essence a “lead throwing dart”, which could be hurled (much as a Spear or Javelin). These weapons were made of iron with leaded weight placed in the middle of the shaft. The rear of The Plumbata had a flattened quill (for stabilization and guidance when the weapon was “in flight”). Several versions existed that were between 3-foot and 5-foot in length. Weighing around 4-pounds, The Plumbata had a sharpened Spear Tip. They were used as a form of anti-personnel weapon, that were thrown “en masse”. It has also been speculated that groupings of Plumbata were also “launched” from Ballistras to create a “cloud of arrows”.