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By Crusader1307

The Term “Pinnacle” is derived from MANY sources. It's most probable English translation is the word “pine” - from which the 16th Century Pinnacle Ship was constructed. Part Barque and Part Galley, The Pinnacle could be either a 3 or 4 Masted ship (normally designed for War). They featured multi-colored painted surfaces (normally the sides down to just above the Hull Line). It is though that colors such as Dark Blue, Light Blue or White served as a form of camouflage at sea. Pinnacles displaced around 100 tons and were around 135 to 165 feet long. The mounted between 10 and 16-cannon (of lower poundages). They were full-rigged ships that relied on wind power for propulsion. As a small Warship, The Pinnacle was quite popular with The English and Dutch Navies. Pinnacles were known to be stripped for Merchant service in peace time.