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By Crusader1307

Another form of Horse Barding Amory. The Peytral was a Chest protecting Skirting that was affixed to the front of a Warhorse. Seen starting in the 14th Century,  they were traditionally a single piece of Metal (although articulated and segmented types were devised as well). Considered the strongest component with regards to Barding, it protect the Chest from Spear and Arrow strikes. The Peytral was connected by hooks to the bottom of The Criniere. A series of leather straps connected to both the Saddle and around the Upper base of the Neck (Mane). At the bottom of The Peytral, as was common – Chain Mail was attached at various length. This “Base Skirt” of sorts, gave additional protection to a Warhorse. The Peytral extended to the sides of the Upper shoulders in a circular fashion. They were often heavily embellished with decorations.