Pesh Kabz Dagger

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By Crusader1307

Seen in the 17th Century in both Persia and parts of Northern India, The Pesh Kabz Dagger is from The Kard Family of blades. The primary use of this weapon, was to pierce through Chain Mail. The blade of The Kabz was 11 to 14- inches and made of tempered steel. Single edged and very sharp, they were very effective at exploiting Mail or "seams" on Breastplates. Handles could be made of wood, but more precious (valuable) material such as Ivory (from Rhinoceros), were more favored. The Pesh Kabz eventually made it's way into the service of almost all Persian Troops. Although seen as a stabbing weapon, they easily doubled as a slashing weapon - handy when a sword was not available (or carried). Versions of The Pesh Kabz are still manufactured and issued to various Specialty Services within The Indian Army.