Persian Sparabara

  • General History
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By Crusader1307

The Sparabara were a component of the 4th Century BC Persian (Achaemenid) Army. They were often used as Heavy, Front Line Infantry Forces. Their main goal was to use their large Shields to form a protective wall from Enemy Archers.
Typically, The Sparabara formed a Shield Wall from behind which was positioned (9) Rows of Archers. This deployment was often duplicated several times. Slaves or “Ransomed” Captives to The Persian Empire were not allowed to serve as Sparabara – only Free Citizens. They were recruited when young (in their teenaged years), often taken away form many years – and training in remote locations featuring wide fields (optimum for training in tactics).

The Sparabara were also trained to use The Sarissa (or Long Spear) – a common Phalanx Tactic weapon used by most Ancient Kingdoms. Their Shields were made from reinforced wood and plant fibers, treated chemically for strength. The front of The Shield was covered in a light Metal Plate. They were excellent at stopping Enemy Arrow, but not so against Sword strikes. They were likewise light Armored – or not at all.