The ''Peral''

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By Crusader1307

The ''Peral'' is credited with being the first fully electric ''battery'' powered Submarine built in 1887. Designed for The Spanish Imperial Navy by Issac Peral, The ''Peral'' also had the first air regeneration system, which allowed for the Vessel to submerge for prolonged periods. Weighing 88-tons displaced, ''Peral'' featured Twim electric motors which produced 30-HP each (60 total). ''Peral'' was 73-feet in length with a 10-ft. Beam. Her rated speed on surface was 9-mph (3.5-mph submerged). The operational range of ''Peral'' was slightly over 400-miles. The Vessel could carry (2) 14-inch Torpedoes (firing only one per shot). ''Peral'' had a depth range of 80-feet. Considered too expensive to mass produce, She would serve in The Spanish Navy until being decommissioned in 1890. ''Peral'' has survived the years as a Museum Ship at The Cartagena Naval Museum, Cartagena, Spain.