• Ancient Greece
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By Crusader1307

Seen in the early (and ancient) Greek and related regional cultures, The Penteconter ships were both commerce and warship. They were seen around 800 to 460 B.C. These ships were the principle ship of use in The Agean and Mediterranean Seas. The Penteconter Ship was the main ship used (and described by Homer) during The Trojan Wars. They were a popular warship for the fierce Spartan Naval forces. They had a top speed of 18 miles per hour and could be operated by either wind or Oar propulsion. Sizes varied (ranging around 90 to 110 feet in some cases). As many as 120 men were needed to operate them (with the Oar system). Most featured the Ramming Spar as it's primary weapon for ship to ship engagements (followed by arrows, often afire). In design, they were somewhat sleek and resembled an early Rowing Galley (adapted by The Romans and later Egyptian Navies of The Era).