• Historical Clothing
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By Crusader1307

With it's beginning seen around the 17th Century and reaching it's zenith in the mid-19th Century, The Pelisse was (and still is), a very recognized form of Military apparel linked solely to the famed Light Cavalry known as The Hussars. The Pelisse is believed to have evolved from The Middle Eastern Dolman Robe (the tight Upper Torso portion). The Pelisse was made of heavy, felt lined Linen. It was distinctive for it's multiple rows of Brass or metal Buttons, decorated with copious amounts of Braids and "Frogging" Loops. Many such Pelisse were trimmed in fur, but this was seen strictly as "fashion". In wear, The Pelisse was traditionally not worn as a common Jacket. Slung over the Left shoulder, it was attached via a Lanyard to the Body. This was not "fashion", but was a real and practical application. Wearing the Pelisse in such a manner, could slow and Enemy Sword slash to the Upper Body. Although The Pelisse would eventually fade from battlefield wear, it would continue on in many Nations Armies as a form of Ceremonial Dress - harkening one back to the "Romantic Age" of The Hussars.