Peel Tactic

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By Crusader1307

More deemed a ''Modern'' Military Tactic, The ''Peel'' Movement (also known as The ''Australian Peel'' for it's probable origins with The australian Army), is a tactic in which a small unit (or several such) - fire directly at an enemy or position, a specific number of shots (rifle). After such, soldiers began to file away (rearward), one or two men at a time. Once these soldiers reach their re-placement, another grouping in the unit follows suit. The effect is to maintain firepower forward while maintaining an ''organized and effective'' retreat from an enemy. such tactics serve two functions. The first, as a form of ''Probing Fire'' of enemy position and second - a means of ''Harassment Fire'', to maintain pressure on an enemy (normally in foreboding of a much larger attack by another larger unit. Peeling is also used by many specialized Law Enforcement Units throughout The World when confronting multiple shooters or a single shooter firing from a well fortified or quasi-fortifiec position.