''Peascod Belly''

  • Tudor England
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

A highly popular Men’s fashion style in the 16th Century, it’s name is often linked to “Peacock” and also that of The “Goose”. By way of design, a Man’s Shirt (derived) from The Doublet, was a form fitting, long-sleeved garment. By way of fashion, layers of built up linen were attached to the bottom Front Tails of these Shirts. Cut by Tailors into a “V”-shape, this thick padding gave an extended abdomen by appearance to The Wearer. By way of popularity, The Peascod would become required fashion for Diplomats, Couriers and persons of “importance” to The Royal Courts of France, Spain, England and Italy. However, as fashion does – the style fell out, replaced by the spreading of the internal fabric layers more evenly throughout The Shirt.