Peace Treaty of 1783

  • The American Revolution
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By Crusader1307

Known as ''The Peace Treaty of 1783'' and ''The Treaty of Versailles 1783'', this was the official document which not only ended The American Revolution, but established The ''United States'' as an independent and sovereign Nation to The World. The Treaty ended nearly 8-years of Conflict between Great Britain and it's 13 Colonies in America. Supported by The King of Spain and France both, The Treaty also ended The so-called Fourth Anglo-Dutch War (which was being fought in Europe at the same time). The Treaty established not only a cessation of combat, but established Territories and boundaries which both America and Great Britain needed to honor. The Treaty, while establishing The United States, would be severely tested by Great Britain regardless, with many incursions bu it's Navy and Commerce Fleets. Coupled with International Market (import and export) violations, would come to a ''boiling point'' yet again between the two Countries with The ''War of 1812'' (leading to a more refined and enforced Treaty than that of the 1783 version.