Pat Garrett (Weapons)

  • American West
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By Crusader1307

In addition to being a Gambler, one-time Customs Agent (appointed by President Theodore Roosevelt) and Bartender, Patrick Floyd Garrett served as Sheriff in several New Mexico towns. His claim to fame was that he was the Lawman to have shot and killed Billy The Kid (1881). Much has been debated as to how Garrett killed The Kid. Some say it was by accident (firing at a shadowy figure in a doorway, to killing him face to face and even ambushing him in his house). Garrett was known to have been The Kid's friend at one point (due to both of their gambling habits).


Garrett would eventually write a book on his hunting down and killing Billy The Kid (published in 1882). Having many enemies, he was shot and killed (possibly in retribution for a past killing of an outlaw by a family relation or friend). Garret was known to have used the standard 1875 Colt .45 Caliber Double Action Model and was fond of the .30-30 Winchester Repeating Rifle. He was also known to used a Remington Single Barrel 12-Gauge Multi-Triggered Shotgun. It has been speculated that Garret may have shot Billy The Kid with this weapon.