Overlord (Title)

  • Medieval Era
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

In Medieval terms, the Title of ''Overlord'' developed in Feudal England as early as the 10th Century AD. This was seen as a Lord (Nobleman) who was over a Manor Lord in authority and power. Only a Monarch could grant the Title, as it was not hereditary. In truth, while no official entitlement was ever created, Overlords were seen as the most loyal to a Monarch and was often tasked to serve as the ''Sword of The King'', and related to the much earlier ''Champion of Court''. The Overlord had control over smaller Regions of Feudal Lands and while He was responsible for insuring The Harvest was properly accounted for with regards to The Royal Treasury – His main goal was to maintain and be able to call forth a moderate sized Military Force when needed. Overlord could thus be seen as an early example of Militia or later Trained Bands coordinators and Commanders. The Title was abolished in 1660 AD.