Ottoman Zischagge Armor

  • Armor
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By Crusader1307

A highly stylized type of Armor, it was probably more used by Palace Guards, Royalty or Commanders during special function. Similar in design to Germany's Kasten-Burst Armor, the suit was similar in design to many European “models”. Featuring Spaulders, 2-piece Breastplates (front and back), they lacked Tassets (and were akin to Demi-Armor – in some variations). Segmented, they featured brass studs and ornate decorations. Helmets were very similar to Mongolian Plated Helmets (dome). They featured long Rear Neck Plates that extended down towards the upper back, as well as rigid Cheek Plating. A longer Visor Ridge was used -as was a thinner Arrow Nasal Plate. Variations of The Zischagge were seen at The Siege of Constantinople (15th Century).