Ottoman Volley Gun

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By Crusader1307

The Ottoman Empire was one of the "first" Nations to embrace (and exploit) gunpowder and artillery. Already known for their "Superguns", Sultans would be known for spending vast amounts of monies on research and development. The Ottomans began to develop many versions of "volley guns" (or multiple fire systems). Their first attempts were 15th/16th Century giant "Derringer-Type" weapons. Made of iron, it was mounted on a wooden sled or related carriage. Designed to be elevated, they featured 9 barrels (one larger center hole which fired a 15-pound shot, surrounded by 8 smaller barrels, capable of firing 5 to 10-pound shot). All barrels would be loaded at the same time. At it's end, the barrels would come together in a common firing chamber (suitably primed with powder). Upon ignition, all barrels would fire. Several Ottoman Volley Guns have survived into the Modern Era.