Ottoman Imperial Banners

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By Crusader1307

The Flag of The Ottoman Empire underwent many changes in it's history. The "Flag" evolved from The Tugh Banner Pole of Yak hair and later The "Zuifigar" Sword Flag. The "Red Banner" was first deployed for The Ottoman Navy, in an attempt to "modernize" itself in 1844. That same year it was adopted as The Empires Flag. A Red Field, anot off set 5-pointed White Star wad placed nearest the "Fly" (right) with a White Crescent nearest the "Hoist" (left). The symbols are linked to The Empires practice of the Muslim Faith. A "Green Flag" (similar), was sometimes used by the Sultanate (interchangeable). With The Empires alligence to Imperial Germany, The "Red Flag" was used in World War I.  After Germany's defeat The Empire itself collapsed, having much of its Territories partitioned in 1923. The Nation of Turkey, the last vestige of The Ottoman Empire still retains The "Red Flag" as it's National Colors.